About Me.

I love Michigan, but currently live in Virginia with my husband. I started blogging in college and after a long hiatus, recently took the hobby back up. I enjoy sharing my opinion, drinking flavorful wine, trying new recipes and shopping for amazing things at amazingly low prices. You can usually find me at a Starbucks with a latte or on my cozy couch, a glass of wine in hand, while catching up on all the newest TV shows.  

I consider myself pretty normal in the usual standards. I'm typically over analytical and sometimes have to retype a word 6 times to get spell check to show me the correct one. (isn't that normal for my generation) I host a wine club and I love it. Grammar and spelling are not my strongest skills, which you will see, or possibility have already seen when reading my blog. I tend to over use commas.When I write I am usually surrounded by candles and have a glass of wine with me. 

I love hearing what other people think and see and this is why I started to blog again. Through this blog I will share what I think on current events, review new movies or TV show, and even share super awesome things that might happen in my life. And I hope to hear from you too!