Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tax on Tanning Bed's. Teens have all the Cash.

Dear HealthCare Bill,

Pretty Extreme. And personally I don't think Obama is comparable to either of those men.
 But hey- it will catch peoples attention

If the Daily Bruin is correct, and the reasoning for raising a 10% tax on Tanning Beds is because it is "unhealthy" for you, then please tax:

"When breaking it down by each factor, doctors found smoking cut life expectancy the most. Men who smoked took two and half years off their lives, while female smokers took off a little less than two years."

"Previous research has suggested that alcohol consumption may increase the risk of developing breast cancer in the first place."

Junk Food
"Those who had high body mass indexes, an indicator of obesity, cut out 1.3 years from their lifespans..."

Chewing Tobacco

"Smokeless tobacco users increase their risk for cancer of the oral cavity"

Might as well tax people for standing outside and enjoying the sunshine, what about air? Will that have a tax on it sometime soon too?

Tax everything that we, the American people, don't have to give.

The funny idea about this whole situation is that participating in the actives that are listed above have all been PROVEN to cause cancer. But they have still yet to totally prove 100% that tanning beds cause users cancer.

I quote from Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pennsylvania
"If you buy a pack of cigarettes, there's a surgeon general's warning label on there that says you can get lung cancer and you can die. We all understand that, we think it's necessary, it's good information, " Dent said. "Same thing should be the case for tanning salons [and] tanning beds. You understand that if you go into one that there is a risk associated with it."

A risk involoved with tanning and it is known. If that's reason enough to tax tanning beds, then why are activities that legitimatly cause cancer not also being taxed?

Cigarettes have been proven to cause Cancer- those are dangerous.. Tax those.

Alcohol makes people do stupid things.. Tax that.

I have never heard of somebody going tanning, and then driving and as a result killing someone. Let people who want to tan. tan. They know the risk, but if it isn't hurting someone else whats the big deal?

Tax something that will make a difference.

Tax something that could make an individual hurt someone else.

And furthermore,

do you think that the people who go tanning have an extra 10% to give? Or the people who run small business like local tanning salons have an extra 10%?

Yes, us college students (who you are so pro for right?) have so much money, tax us, and heck tax the books we have to buy for classes too. What about Starbucks college students always drink coffee.. Tax that too!

Really? you can't think of better or richer people to tax? Instead of teenage and early twenty year old women who want to be tan? This is your brilliant idea?

What other brilliant ideas could be in that health care bill.


Wake up people. ---

"In troubled times, the fearful and naive are drawn to charismatic radicles."

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