Friday, October 15, 2010

Design Mom

Wow. I can't believe the last post was the 7th. It's been crazy over here! SO much stuff is happening!

I've been finding so many different things to blog about, so I keep emailing them to myself! But finally I have just a moment to post about one of my favorite finds.

Okay. I don't want kids [insert gasp here.] Yupp. I am a Female Liberty Student who doesn't want kids. [I'm a rare breed.] BUT. If I did want kids- I would totally try my best to be like Gabrielle Blair, creator of Design Mom

This is like the coolest website for moms and designers, and Gabrielle is evidence the combination can Coexist!  She does mom stuff.  She does designer stuff.

And If I could dress my kids like this; looking super trendy, maybe I'd have some. But justifying having kids by using them as an accessory- maybe that's not a good enough reason... oh well, I have time to think about it! 
Check out her Site!
Design Mom.

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