Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music Inspiration

When I craft, and paint I love to listen to calming and inspirational type of music- it helps me create! MY 'craft play list' consists of, Imogen Heap, A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor, Jack's Mannequin--- and Jeff Carl. Jeff's recently released song- 'Loney Bird' reminds me of the endless possibilities life has to offer.
While crafting I listen to this song hoping to reflect the idea of opportunity weaved in and out of Jeff's lyrics through my creativity. This song projects me to ponder upon the destiny each life has, and the importance of our personal choices to get us there.

Jeff Carl "Lonely Bird" (Jeff Carl ORIGINAL)

The only thing I am sure of in life, is the endless unsure. I think that’s why I enjoy creating so much- taking something that on one can see,[sometimes even the crafter themselves] and transform the idea into something tangible, unique, and unbelievable. Life is kind of like that, a start to a craft, and something no one can see, but every opportunity is endless- just ‘Fly Away’, as Jeff puts it.

Anyways- I hope it inspires you too! Give him a listen!

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  1. wow Haley. I'm flattered, really. :) Thanks so much for your support, and I'd looove to see some of the stuff you've been concocting out of these art sessions. I didn't know you were into painting!