Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shadow Box

Have any of you made a Shadow Box before? This was my first time- and i LOVE how it turned out! I'm such a scrapbook type of girl, so i love the idea of preserving pictures, and items from a particular moment together, and making it cute!

Here's mine:

Tyler gave me flowers for valtines day. I was going to throw them away,
but my roomates told me to keep them. So, I put them in here. I think they add alot of texture.. I'm glad I kept them.

I cut out the brackets out of a cardboard stencil... I said forget the stencil and glued them on,
I think it adds a nice frame around the center point picture.

Those letters were on sale for 30 cents at Target. So, I had to get them.
They worked perfect with the colors and pictures I had!

I think thas my favorite pic.  That's why I did it in black and white. To make it stand out more.
I'm not a big fan of the jewels. But I wanted to give it a 'girly touch' :]. When its all together, I like them a little more.
TA DA! The final product.

So, That's my shadow box.
Show me yours!

Click here and here for more ideas!


  1. love this haley! It looks amazing i cant believe this was your first one! Andd im super proud of your 30 cent bargin find :)

  2. haha. thanks! It's crazy what 30 cents can get you! :]