Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[ Just Humor Me ]

It doesn't take too much to make me happy... well, I guess that may depend on who your asking. :] [I like to think I'm not too high maintenance..] It's Tuesday, and I really don't like Tuesdays. I think they should be skipped altogether. But already on this bleak, ugly, Tuesday morning I had a little moment of happiness fly at me, right out of my email.

I have a new follower. Summer. Check her out. She has quite an interesting story, and lots of fun posts. I found the picture below, on her site. I think it is full of great advice, and a good standard to live by.

I'm not typically that girl, but give me a second to brag about my wonderful boyfriend. Who has dreams and passions and the work ethic to accomplish them. Contrary to him, I'm a very scheduled person. I have my planner, my to do list, and I love accomplishing things well in advance!
[He always picks on me about my planner, and my working on papers two weeks in advance, ect...]

This past semester I have been contemplating- what really matters?

While I run around, working, focused, writing papers, taking tests, and meeting in groups [stupid group projects. gah.] In the midst of the whirlwind of my life- what really matters

 How much I accomplished? How many people I said hello to? How many moments of my day I truly enjoyed? If I passed my tests? If I paid my bills? How many hours did I work this week?

 I'm so thankful I have Tyler and I will be forever grateful for his contagious perspective about life. I have learned the importance of valuing every aspect that comes with this sometimes not so beautifully wrapped gift. 

Some days will be hard, hell, even unbearable. Some days will be so sweet you won't want to go to sleep- but in every moment, all moments Ty has taught me to embrace and LiVE.

I'm young and naive, but everyone has to start somewhere right? Plus, I'd much rather be old, still naive, and happy because I at least to tried to reach heights people told me I couldn't.

Anyway, with all these talk [blah]. Just embrace today and live.
And I'll try to do the same.

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  1. Love! You go girl! haha im glad you are having that perspective on life, it changes things a whole bunch. Sounds like that boyfriend of yours is quite the keeper :)