Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring has stolen my heart.

I know, it's still only January. But recent weather patterns have pulled at my heartstrings making the air feel and smell springish.  55 degrees on New Years in Michigan... since when?

I will admit I am a fickle girl, but when it comes to picking favorites, well, I take that VERY seriously. For instance, if you were to ask me to choose my favorite Starbucks, I would tell you that depends on the season and time of day... For fall, the Pumpkin Spice Latte wins hands down. Winter, the Gingerbread Latte comes in a close second. For Summer, a Light Ice, Upside down, Non-Fat Carmel Macchiato is my favorite [which is really just an iced vanilla latte with Carmel on it. I like saying the whole name, I feel like a coffee expert. ha.] ... So, I'm fickle, point proven I guess.

Getting to the main idea of this entry [insert drum roll here] ... I have a favorite season. Spring. I will admit, sometimes I almost lose my loyalty when the fall leaves start to change, or the first snowfall happens. My heart almost gives itself to the summer late nights, and trips to the beach. I start to fall for the hoodies and bonfires, hot coco, and ice cream on the pier...

But today is a the kind of day that reminds me of SPRiNG, and my love for the season. Spring, is the time where everything comes back to life again, and everyone is given a brand new start. And the sunrises are the prettiest.
Ahhhhh, Spring. :]

Yes, it's January, but I am so on board with all these designers and retailers selling spring products already! PLEASE check out Starbucks new Springish mugs. [I fell in love this morning.]


Next Spring items on the list Coach Spring Shoes. I will admit I was surprised by the lack of color spring shoes are gaining this year. But I will also admit- I LIKE IT! [I'm a plain type of dresser, look in my closest, you'll find black, black, dark purple, and black.]

Hi, Boyfriends, buy me-- BUY ME! No, really. DO IT!
I'm a size 9.

Sophisticated, yet sexy and super trendy. Side note
  I HATE bows... but, I still like these!

Being slightly disappointed in the lack of color Coach Spring Shoes brought me, I had to check out my new colorful favorite Johnathan Alder.  Please look at the fun SPRiNG products I found below!

Buy ME.
My favorite find today!
Flowers PLEASE!

I will finish this entry with a small disappointment I had this Holiday Season. I had a major falling out with my favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve. It was sad, but true. We parted ways. Now I am missing a very crucial and critical aspect of my life,.... I'm thinking a new favorite day could be the first day of spring... or possibly Valentines day... Haven't decided yet.  I'll let you know when I chose.

Welp, I  hope you enjoyed this extra long moment with Hales! Have a fabulous Saturday!

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  1. I love the way you write, seriously! I too love the spring and cant wait for it to come, something about campus in the spring is magical no? My favorite spring/summer drink from starbucks is the shaken passion tea ahhh cant wait :)