Thursday, August 25, 2011

My friends as Disney Princesses.

This summer I got into the TV show Sex and the City. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the humor and the topics they discussed. (I thought most topics were extremely relevant to women in America today.)

Last semester I had the privilege to become pretty close with a group of women in the Communication Department. During the school year we all came together because of our love for Communication and passion for Public Relations. (And maybe some frustrations with a few things.) I call these girls, 'My Coms Girls.'To give you, reader a better idea of our friendship... here's a little bit about the Coms Girls...
  1. Only with my Coms Girls would I get into an 'email war' with some 'administration'. 
  2. Only with my Coms Girls would I be able to read a Tweet I got from CNN and they would truly listen and passionately discuss the announcement. 
  3. Only with my Coms Girls would a complete stranger be background checked in a matter of 20 minutes after meeting us. (And we would question what sources were used.) 
  4. Only with my Coms Girls would dinner turn into an all night affair and then we would walk away with still more to talk about. 

Over the summer we all parted and did various internships, some got engaged, watched children, made connections and enjoyed life.

We were reunited yesterday, at Mangias I could not WAIT to see these girls! As I was getting ready to go grab dinner with my Coms Girls, then the thought flashed through my head... We are like Sex and the City!

Meet my Coms Girls! 
Ashley, Keri, Me, Emily
Alright. I want you, reader, to understand the personalities these girls have, and the dynamic of our group. So, I will put us in the categorizes that might help you further understand us. Because I do not know Sex and the City, super well, I'll go with something I know like the back of my hand, Disney Princesses. 


I would have to say, Ashley would be the Mulan of our group. When I first met Ashley, I was automatically intimidated. Last semester, when our professor put us in a group together... I was SO SCARED. She, like Mulan, is one of the hardest workers I know, which is intimidating. Ashley goes the extra mile to have a better understanding of what she is working on. She works extremely hard and does not expect recognition for it. Seeing her elevate other people through her skills has been an amazing way for me to learn. Like, Mulan, Ashley would stand up for what she believes in, however possible. If one of us were to pretend to be a man in the army, in order to stand up for what we believe in, it would be Ashley. Her passion and work ethic is inspiring!


Emily is our Bell, for sure. I don't remember my first interaction with Emily, but I do know I assumed she was timid....until she gave a presentation in class... This girl is SMART. Emily, like Bell, leads by example. When everyone wanted to kill the beast, Bell did not just tell people 'No, please don't kill him!' She went to fight for him and was there when he was dying! Emily is the same. If she believes something, she will live it. She is understanding and gives people a chance and doesn't settle for second best. If Gaston was a knocking on her door, she would have been like Bell, and thrown him outside, then opened a book. Emily is so good at turning something negative into an opportunity. If I was going to get locked in a castle with a scary beast and household appliance friends... I'd want Emily there to help me make the best out of that situation.


Keri is totally our Jasmine. No one is going to tell this girl to sit in a kingdom and do nothing. She is way too driven, focus and passionate about life to miss out. Time out. I think Keri could be an Ariel as well. ...Alright, Keri is Jasriel. I have to say, when I first met Kerri, I misjudged her right off the bat. I totally assumed she was a snitch. A good 'ole Liberty snitch. (We all know they are out there). Come to find out, this girl is one of the coolest girls I know! Her drive to do well is so impressive. Like Ariel, she will further explore what's out there, she will push the limits to create discussion, she will go against what the norm is, or what is assumed to be expected of her to do better. Her passion to achieve her goals is impressive! She is not stopping for anyone, even if she will need to become a mermaid to achieve her goals. To take risks and jump on a magic carpet with a stranger, that's what Keri does. She honestly makes me want to do more fun things, take a chance! 

So, what to learn from all of this. 

  1. STOP JUDGING. Oh my goodness was I SO WRONG about all three of my friends. I really, really, was so wrong in assuming things about them; and you know what, becoming friends with them has enabled me to give more people a chance
  2. I am not alone. Being with these girls and talking about PR. Life. Being women in this life. Spirituality. Our generation... It all has encouraged me, that I am not alone. I believe we are the minority within the women in our generation, but we have each other, and that's enough. 
  3. It is incredible what four girls can do when they are passionate about the same things! I swear, we can accomplish more together for PR stuff then a whole firm can do in 6 months... because it is what we love.
Needless to say- I am so thankful to have these women in my life! I am honestly privileged to spend time with them, brainstorming, talking, researching, laughing all of it! It is a privilege.

Here's to Senior Year Coms Girls! Hopefully, this time next year we will be 'The happy newly employed Coms Girls'!  ... P.S. Anyone want to hire us together? We work really well together!

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