Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 little things to turn an everyday Fabulous... This might possibly be the most girlish post I have ever done. ever.

I am about a month into school and I am defiantly getting into my routine. I am a very planned person and I thrive best when I am on a schedule. [Check out the picture below] When my planner is the fullest and color coordinated... I am the happiest!

In the midst of our busy lives, I think, we get lost in the mundane of everyday. To live each day forgetting that each moment is unique, special, and a gift happens all to often in my life. So, here are a few little things that can make your everyday fabulous.

Cinnamon from Walmart

1. Cinnamon. With Fall and Winter right around the corner, cinnamon is a GREAT way to get in the seasons mood. Just mix a little cinnamon in with your coffee grounds.. and WALA! You have a super sweet drink to wake up to in the morning. It just makes coffee a little more fallish! And it is only $3.00! You know I love Starbucks, but lets get real, I can't offered a latte everyday!


2. Candles. And not just for a little ambiance during a bubble bath... I burn candles ALL the time! When I wake up in the morning, I make my coffee, light some candles and prepare for my day. Why should you just enjoy a little candle light at night? I have a pumpkin and Cinnavilla candle in my room. They are from Target and they small so great AND they last forever.


3. Lotion. Before I leave my apartment I always put on hand lotion. I really believe lotion makes a difference in how great my day is! Having soft hands makes a difference, I swear! But, this is not just any lotion... Please tell me you have heard of Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line! Well, I use the 'Stress Relief' sent... And I love it! Whether it really does relieve my stress.. I don't really care, I just know I feel so much better after I put it on!

Charlotte Russe
4 and 5. Sunglasses and Lip gloss. Once I get on the road I put on my ridiculously over sized sunglasses and happily drive over to work. I'm telling you, sunglasses will make you feel SO MUCH COOLER. And. lip gloss. Who doesn't love lip gloss? I just found THE BEST lip gloss at Target. Have you heard of ELF Cosmetics? They rock. Super cheap, super awesome quality.
Yes, it is $1.00.

 6. Gel Roller Pens. I am the 'Office Manager' at Liberty University Intramural Sports... Yeah, that's my super awesome title! Really, I take alot of phone messages, write memos, file paperwork and ect... But, let me tell you- how much more fun writing phone messages can be with these wonderful Gel Roller Pens. It's amazing how a much a good pen can make a difference in your everyday life! Staples delivers in one day, it really is SO easy.

7. Color. I do not recycle.. I know, I know. I must hate the earth. And I don't, I watched and LOVED Captain Planet. But, sometimes in an office you make too many copies, it is bound to happen. So, I decided to start using my too many copies as scrap paper. And here, we use many fun colors for our fliers- which means more fun colors for scrap paper. Also, who wants a boring yellow sticky note when you can have neon? Seriously. The extra color can make your day a little extra fabulous.

8. Surround yourself with people you love. I sit at a desk all day, why not take the moment to walk down memory lane? Surround yourself with pictures of places and people you love... You'll find inspiration as you work.

9. Mouse Pads. I think mouse pad are pointless, stupid and most of the time ugly... but I used mine as a way to add a little flare to my cubical. See? You can buy cute mouse pads at staples!

10. Not co-workers, Friends!  When you spend about 40 hours a week in an office, you need some friends. Sure you can have the casual cubical conversation. But, a way to make your day a little more fabulous, is make friends with your co-workers! I've made a long lasting friendship, here, at work, with Kristy! I look forward to seeing her at work in the morning, during lunch, and during my coffee breaks. I go into her office when I need a counseling session, or need to vent, and I miss her on the weekends! I don't have her picture, but here is her business card.. and sorry it is sideways... I think my iphone is tiered.. But, work would not be as fabulous without her!

Now, everyone go have a Fabulous Day!


  1. first of all that is quite the organized agenda. Two candles do make the world better. and my gosh I dont even want to think about a world without chapstick/lipgloss. i literally think my lips would fall off my face. there cant be anything worse.

  2. Love this! Thank you for including me in your ten things to make everyday fabulous list! You are such a great friend and I couldn't make it through the day without you!