Sunday, November 30, 2014


.... a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

Well I've been out of the blogging world for a little while now. Reading back through some of my old posts, I don't even believe it was me writing all those things. 

I've recently been inspired, thanks to alot of people. Going through my instagram, facebook and other means of sharing life events via the Internet, I noticed something. People are doing things and I love that we have the Internet to share all of them! Whether it is having babies (which is blowing up my news feed right now), getting promotions, working out and making money with it, writing books, starting businesses, traveling, producing music and/or short films, speaking at conferences, graduating with a masters degree, adopting pets and/or babies, buying houses, making amazing cakes, creating hilarious YouTube Videos, winning instagram awards, getting married.... and the list goes on. When I scroll through one news feed to the next - I can almost be overwhelmed at how much people are doing and growing and changing! 

Sometimes after a long scrolling, I am like... "Well, I worked really hard at my job this week and I will enjoy a glass of wine after I do the laundry and then will meal plan for the week. Oh, I also completed the bi weekly budget for my husband and I, while we try to break free from school loans..." 

....Isn't that enough? 

Now, this could be (and most likely is) my insecurities, that I would like to think most people develop when looking through social media. It could also be my inability to make what I do on a day to day bases look as cool as everyone else. What is that filter on instagram that everyone uses and automatically looks cool.... VOSCAM, VOSICAN?? 

The bottom line is, insecurities or inability to look cool - I'm sure I'm not alone. 

So, this blog is a place where myself and others can be Audacious. We can share opinions on TV shows, critique the easiness of a recipe, review a movie that sucked or made us cry for hours, come up with some great wine club topics and whatever else....  Whether you just bought a house, published a novel, are traveling, became a mom or are working full time... all are welcomed to share their opinions here. ... I can't wait to hear them!

My blog will consist of what I think of TV shows, food, restaurants, wine, crafts, people, movies, current events and I guess, other life things. I'm sure I'll fill you in on me every now and then. 

Latest Update: It's almost 8:00, I'm finishing my glass of wine, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and going to bed. If I feel real adventurous, I'll bust out the chips and salsa. :) 

So, I'm back. 

I've forgotten how much I enjoy writing. 

I'll be back with my first review this week. 

- Hales

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