Tuesday, November 10, 2009


An Afternoon nap, can make me travel to so many memories throughout my lifetime.
You know, after you have had that good nap. Like;

Back to a Rainy day after kindergarden. & you had show and tell that day, and it wore you out. You started watching PB&J Otter, and feel asleep so fast, and woke up to your brother and sister coming home, and to freshly baked cookies..

Or how about that Sunday afternoon, on the hammock, laying there with the person who meant the most to you in the world. Holding you, and drifting off without a care in the world...

Or how about on the beach, that perfect summer day. Your best friend in the world, and you laying out at the beach-- and drifting off to dream land.. forgetting anything important. Waking up to some raindrops on your nose.. and dashing home..

Or when you were too tired to think to say no to go to a social event, but you went to that movie anyways.. and the next thing you know the credits are flashing before you eyes... you had missed the whole movie.. but, don't regret any of it b/c that nap was perfect..

Naps. Sometimes they are the cure to anything I need. I think a good long nap will solve any of my problems.

Ohhh, the memories i carry with me when I think of taking a nap.
I miss them, i miss the moments that were so perfect sleep couldn't even make me miss enjoying them.

I've been doing alot of pondering lately. Its weird to think that Life, well-- its going. & you can;t stop it.
But, alll at the same time-- I feel like it is finally starting. I have known my family for 20 years, but why now do I feel like i actually am getting to know my family? 20 years of living- but, i finally feel alive. Maybe its because I have finally found myself in the only thing worth having- Christ. or maybe because I am finally away from everything I knew, and now I see how much it was all worth... Well-- whatever it is. I am glad it has happened. Because now I know. Now I understand that, perhaps today. Anything could happen-- So LiVE. Don't nap through life, and don't limit yourself. The Lord wants to do great things with everybody... its just a matter of being willing. I have never been so satisfied with not being satisfied with my life.. ..

I can be so much more, I can do so much better, I can chase, and live and run and play. & enjoy Life.
Through Christ there is always more to be discovered and challenged with and find there is more, always more to do , and be.

My identity is in Christ, and now that i know that- my life means so much more, and can be so much more.
I'm excited. :]

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