Monday, November 9, 2009


I miss being young.
I know, some people love growing up, and some people aren't afraid of it.

But, i miss my dad. & i miss being young with my dad, When just his touch could make the world seem all better.
Or when i was so content with going to the bank and getting a lollipop.
Or when selling a simple 25 cent cup of kooliade, would make my whole day of yelling worth it.
Or when i would play and run with my dog around the yard, and end up falling asleep in the sunshine with her outside in the grass.
Or when taking training wheels off my bike- ment i was a big girl.
Or the day i learned to tie my shoe- all by myself- my life was complete.
Or when i could be content with some bubbles, sunshine, and my dog sitting next too me.

ohhh, to be young again.
I guess thats why everyone wants kids so badly.
So, they have an excuse to be young again.

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