Monday, November 9, 2009

What to Write.

i never not have something to say, I am really good at twisting things and making them applicable to a lesson. WHY. Why can I not find anything in the book of john, this is a fun lesson I have to write for my class. A lesson, using a "prop" or something to display my lesson. Why is this so difficult to come up with?? Here Bloggers. I have 4 ideas, maybe typing them all out will help me to chose then go with one.

1. Jesus Top Friends-- Who are yours? Relate it to a fb, or myspace.
2. Bread Of life-- Are we eating healthy? Make Bread. or something like that.
3. Being Judgmental-- But, i can't find anything to back that up in Scripture.

... I think I am going to go with the Bread Of Life. Jesus is the Bread of life, we can be satisfied with that, But, what are you satisfying yourself with?? I could make 2 different breads.. one with the right ingredients.. one with not the right stuff.. We can see what bread is better, the one we will want to eat... Mayybe?

Ugh. I am creative.. but what is going on in my head?
I think I'm burnt out...

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