Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I started this little journey. On this man Called Jeremiah, I use the description of man lightly- cause at this point in the story, he is still a young boy. But, right now (to set up the stage for you) God is telling Jeremiah to go prophesy to Judah (or Israel) b/c they have turned there backs on God. Now, I have been through the first chapter of what God tells Jeremiah to say, and there was SO much information there. I took out 3 verses that stood out most to me, and I want to see how through what the author ment, we can apply Judah's mistakes to my every day life- and how to fix them..

So, Veres 5: Thus says the Lord "What injustice did your fathers find in me, that they went far from me- and walked after emptiness and became empty?" --- I have felt so incredibly empty before. Alone. Abandoned. Pointless. Worthless. Just Empty. There is an emptiness, I believe, in all of us. But, the Lord can fill that emptiness. I fully believe that. Now, sometimes our wants are sinful- and I don't think that the Lord will fill that empty spot, because of a lack of sin, but I think he can fill the want for sin with something else. But, I have felt so empty, and then looked at my spiritual life, and it was so dry, and stagnate. Because I even feel empty when I am following and growing in the Lord, but then when the emptiness sets in- I have Him to fall back to. And, having someone to fall back to, is the greatest feeling in the Lord. But, I wonder how Judah was feeling, they as a nation, totally turned away from the Lord... I wonder how empty the felt.

Verse 13: "For my people have committed to 2 evils thy have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, to hew for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can have no water." ---- I think this was my favorite, because of the imagery the lies in these verses. First, the Lord calls himself "The Fountain of Living Waters" -- I haven't heard that one before. But, he is. He is the living water, and he is that abundantly therefore- the constant flowing fountain of the Living Water. Ahh, like. I just think of the Nation of Israel, being empty, and thirsty and yearning for something to quench this emptiness, and this never ending thirst. And, they had it all along- but they abandoned him. How true is this when looking at the church. Or heck, Christian Colleges. Hoe many people are there searching for "themselves" and on this self driven journey. they get lost. And sometimes, end up there forever- because it is a comfort Zone. But, someone finds themselves in the Lord- then they have forever peace. I firmly believe that until you understand who you are through and because of the Lord, one will never- ever- be full or have there thirst quench. I was on that stupid journey of self discovery, I wanted to see who i was- through culture, people, history, books, magazines, television, boys- but, I had the answer the WHOLE time. The Lord. That is who I measure myself through. I want to be what He wants me to be... I want to be in the fountain of living water. I want that to be in my life.

Verse 37: "From this place also you should go out with your hands on your head, for the Lord has rejected those in whom you trust, and you shall not prosper with them." -- Short and sweet- I have to go. :]. Who do we trust, that the Lord rejects. Why do we let unGodly people opinions matter of us. Why do we not only focus on the Lord, and what he thinks of us and our lives? Who do I trust, that I know the Lord does not-- and I let them and there opinions control me.

Thats All from Jeremiah so far. And that was only 3 verses of 3 chapters still to go! :]

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