Saturday, December 26, 2009

The never ending Escape.


I can't stop it.
it can be good and bad.
it can be smooth or rocky.
it can be fun or sad.
it can be drastic or little.
it transforms throughout life.
it is consent.

I feel like those are not good hints. But, I think you still could guess it.

What can I never Escape? Change.

Sometimes I feel like I am running away from this evil in life, that is inevitable,constant, and i can't get away from it. Change.

My problem lies in the fact, that change is not an evil that life brings upon me. But, being the semi control freak planner I am. I like to think that I can stop this change. while the joke is on me, i cannot. change is a part of life, sometimes the change promotes growth, and the growth promotes growing pains, and the pain creates heartache, but the heartache makes me stronger. But, sometimes i feel like the heartache won't go away- but, you know what the funny thing is. The cure people say for heartache is change, which is the very dreadful thing that brought me the heartache anyways. SO can you tell me- how is it that the cause of the pain can be the cure to the pain?

Change. That's when I need to let go. And know that the Lord is in control. and every change that is made, day that is finished, breath that is breathed, brings me one more moment closer to my Lord and Father- and that, by golly, should bring me joy. Joy enough to celebrate with the world, that while moving forward in life, creates change, while change brings me one step closer to the Lord. and isn;t that the uliment Victory? Being face to face with my Savior? - Yes, i think that is. I think that is pure joy, and love. to feel and know, my never ending joy and love because of the king of kings, and Lord of Lords.... ahh, yes. If that is what change is bring me closer too.. then i guess.. bring on the change..

random thought: change is consent here- but that is the one thing the Lord does not do. he is the same all the time. ... what peace that give me. I serve the same God, as Abraham, Josphe, Paul and John.. He hasn;t changed..

I haven't really had a moment alone over the past week. I'm glad I got this writing out... This Christmas brought about the idea of change.. and i guess next year.. it will be changed again.

Merry Christmas.
I praise the Lord of the Earth, for a wonderful Christmas season, and the best gift of all- his Son, Jesus Christ. Who i can see is my Lord, and Savior- and I would have no purpose on this Earth without Him. He is my lifeline.

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