Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stumbling Across Old Letters

First, i love Christmas Music. Minus the Drummer boy, Mary did you know.
Second, i love snow at Christmas time... there is negative snow here in Virginia.
Third, Thanksgiving was the BEST. The whole extended family came together.
And, it was a BLAST.

Now, back to schooool. 2 weeks, and I will be on he road again to michigan.
And, come back driving my own car going to sleep in my own apartment.

also. Joy to the world... don't like it. the Barney version ruined it for me.

Got a FRICKEN D on my English paper.
Funny, I don't think I ever got below a B on any paper I have written.

Taylor is coming in! :]] I am so excited. i love her. And would drop anything for her, at any moments notice.
I love her! :]].

Kk. Well back to homeworking... or facebooking.. or something... :]

ohhhh College at Christmas Time.

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