Thursday, April 22, 2010

Worlds Apart

Who do you call your Best Friend?

Best Friend- thats a very big deal. In elementary school it seemed like I had a new best friend every week or possibly every day. The fickleness of being 7. It's interesting to look back at my life and see all the Best Friends I filtered through. And I laugh thinking that today, I don't even talk to them. Heck, I couldn't even tell you anything about them!

My 21st birthday is in one week and 6 days. ( I am counting down) I think I am so excited for this one because it is the last one worth being excited for. Think about it, this is the last birthday that enables me to do something that I cannot already do! And its fun to say I am 21! That means I am young, I have the world ahead of me! I can do ANYTHING!

So- with my birthday being so close I am so excited- I am going to count down all things I am thankful for that have impacting my 21 years of life thus far. and today is my friends. Taylor Guffey and Katie Wrobbel.

They are my best friends and wanna know whats so unique about both of the friendships?  Katie lives 12 hours away, and Taylor is on a completely different coast. Katie and I are used to it- we have never had a normal friendship, shes always been 4 hours away from me. I think this makes our friendship stronger. Taylor and I were roomates, which always makes you get to know a person more then you ever thought you would.

The bottom line is. Those girls are my best friends. and I wish with my whole heart they were here. I know God has reasons..but really. I can't think of any good ones right now.

I miss them. With my whole heart.

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  1. just read this sugar plum. :] I miss you to the moon and back x1000.