Friday, May 7, 2010

Calm after the storm

Finished my ginormous final today. and it feels good. One more project- and I am home free. Until summer classes. I leave for Disney in one week and 2 days and 35 minutes. -- I can't wait. Can you tell?  Katie will be here in less then one week- I can hardly contain myslef.

So many wonderful things are finishing- but so man fabulous things to come!

Thats one thing that never gets old in life- Change. I used to fight it- and sometimes I still do when I think that change is "bad". But- change is change. Embrace it. Find the positive. and look forward to new things.

As one semester ends, I can hardly wait to see what the next lays before me. :]
But- I think I'll enjoy my summer first!

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