Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Weekend.

First- I would like to say, I have been trying to add super cool things to my blog and cool fonts- and pictures... Well. This is the best I have so far. It will have to do... I'm too annoyed with the internet to try anymore. I don't care. This is my blog. It will have to do for now. :]

 TAYLOR ViSiTED ME!!! :]]]!!!! 
I don't think I have laughed so hard in such a long time. It was wonderful being reunited and feeling like we were never apart! At first, I felt like her visit was not real. Running out, hugging Tay, and crying. Looking at her standing in my apartment- thinking "this isn't happening, this is too good to be true!?!?" :]]. It did happen, it was real, I have pictures and videos to prove it. 

Of course our first stop consisted of getting Fiesta items! :]- Like ::

 You may be staring at that picture asking "Did they really have a fiesta together?" And the correct answer would be yes. We did have a HayloR Fiesta. How cool are we? Too Cool for words. We bought sombreros, chilly pepper necklaces, fiesta signs, streamers, and a few other fiesta items! :]

We fiesta's the weekend away chatting about new friends, old friend, old memories, and looked through pictures from freshman year... I cannot accurately capture in words the happiness floating around the both of us. Finally being together after being 3 time zones, and on two separate coasts- we were together again! 

Isn't this what being young is all about?  Having Friends, & Having Fun Together? Life is SO short. Life is here then gone. Life can disappear in a moment, a second or a half of second.  Taylor has that ability to create fun in everyday life. Sometimes I forget to have fun. Okay- I'll be honest, sometimes I forget the idea of fun in everyday life even exists! Taylor reminds me to enjoy life.

Laugh with someone you don't know. Smile at someone who is frowning. Dance to your car in the rain. Make a new friend at the gas station. Whatever happens, enjoy. Take small moments, days, minutes, seconds and embrace what life has placed in your lap. Make the most of what you are given. Take chances. Run away from all you know, and start new. You will be scared, and stupid stuff will happen- but cherish every moment. We have been given one life. There is no do over, no restart button, no extra life hidden in a brick box somewhere- This is it. One. 

Why not enjoy?

Taylor--- Thank you for teaching me this vital and valuable lesson. Many people go through life without really living- without really enjoying, without cherishing. Thanks to you I have learned to Laugh, Cherish, and Enjoy! :] 

Here are some more pics- that I think capture our friendship perfectly! 

 We had some late night adventures and chats under the stars! :]]]. GREAT memories that we will be laughing about for some years to come! :] 

You don't dress up at 3 in the morning and take pictures??? 


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