Monday, August 23, 2010

Another First Day Of School.

As I was going to sleep last night the 'first day of school' gitters crawled up my spine and into my brain. I couldn't stop thinking about how the first day of school was going to be. Thinking about my classes, getting back into the routine of life, seeing old friends who were gone all summer, and thinking about the new challenges this semester would bring- i just laid there, finally escaping into my dreamworld. I woke up abruptly to my alarm, sitting straight up I found my energy and excitement running through my body dispute the lack of sleep.

So, this Fall semester begins. 

I started getting ready for the day, and found myself excited to get to class and see what Dr. Fowler had to say to all of us. I reflected over past 'first days' of school, and began thinking about what 'THE' first day of school outfit should be. After much debate, flat iron action, makeup placed, shoes on and coffee in hand, i left my apartment. I hopped in my car, and started driving to school.

Pulling out of my neighborhood there is a stop sign, I stopped and looked over to my left, there stood three little girls and there mom waiting for the school bus. I looked at the small girls going to what I assumed first grade. Looking at them I could tell, they were excited. All three little girls were sporting their new non scuffed pink tennis shoes, hot pink and purple backpacks, most likely full of new hot pink binders, folders, pencils, and crayons. Each girl's hair perfectly in place they chatted amongst one another creating excitement the first day of school brings to elementary school children with each other. Watching these girls forced my mind to rewind back to my hot pink backpack first day of school memories.

I always took days to pick out the perfect first day of school outfit. My mom would pin my hair up into a bow. Dad and mom would walk with me to school, and push my little brother in the stroller. I was always excited to walk into the class room and find MY desk with MY name tag. Having something with your name stuck to it is quite the ego booster for a 7 year old. Who was I going to sit next too? What boy would be my next crush? Who would become my new best friend?

Driving away I left the young girls to wait for there bus, I couldn't help but smile. Bringing myself back to the present moment, my 'Fall Semester Jam' came on the radio, I cranked the music up and drove to my last first day of Fall Semester Classes.

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  1. totally agree about the nerves they never go away but its definitly not as exciting as elementary school used to be