Monday, August 16, 2010

My Beach Weekend.

 Being reunited with Liz this weekend was one of the major highlights of my summer! This summer forced us to be in completely different time zones! Being able to talk face to face, laugh, sing, drive, and get coffee together was WONDERFUL! Liz and I like to think we are known for the adventures we partake on. Now, what we call adventures some may call unwise. We embarked on our first adventure of the semester within the first 3 hours of Liz's arrival back in town. She drove 9 hours back to the burg from NY to only get here and get back in the car and drive 4 more hours to the Beach. :]]].

On our way back to the burg we sat in the car, talking, laughing, reminiscing, and just mentally preparing for the semester ahead. One week from today my classes will be starting!!! {[CRAZYYY}] We couldn't believe how unbelievably fast the summer went by!! 

When we talked over our summers together I couldn't help but think how blessed my life has been. Watching the sunset, in a working car, with my yummy coke, just finshing up a a day at the beach... heading back to my apartment, and waking up to go a job the next morning. I felt overwhelmed realizing how much I have. Its the little things I thought about. Like having my nails painted, and being capable to make a cup of coffee, or to drive 4 hours to a beach. Being able to go the beach, and having the money to pay to get to the beach. Having the eyes to watch the sunset, or the nose to smell the ocean. I know, it seems almost silly thinking about these things, but I guess most people don't think about them until they are gone or not so easy anymore. I'm not sure where you are, or whats happening in your life but I pray that you will remember the little things the Lord has given you, and you can find joy in the small gifts of life. Whatever happens this semester, no matter how stressed I get, how much I hate my classes, or get frustrated with my job. I am going to try to take the time to remember the little things in life I am blessed with, and be thankful for them.

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