Friday, August 13, 2010


Every summer vacation my family went to the upper peninsula of Michigan and the Brooks family came with us. Before it just seemed normal to me. I spent my summers with Ashleigh  running around trading stickers, and crashing four wheelers. Going to the U.P. was just what our family always had done. Then i learned that our parents had met and became friends at the very place we attended vacation!  

So the story goes: My mom (Ruth) roomed with Mrs. Brooks (Debbie). And my dad (Jerry) worked at that summer camp as well! Ruth and Debbie became friends after a few summers spent together in the kitchen, office and bookstore. Jerry and Ruth (after a bumpy road) eventually fell in love at that summer camp. Then Mr. Brooks (Joe) visited one week. Thus the love square began and each couple got married and still 30 years later spend there summers at that same lake.

Each summer vacation spent on Piatt Lake was one filled with bliss.Looking back on the memories Ashleigh and I made while being so called 'lakers' are some of the best memories of my life.  [Besides crashing the quad. that ones not so great]. My cousin, Katie's family came up a few summers as well. Katie and I would spend time crafting and writing plays. Then preform them charging admission fees of course! Katie joined me for part of the UP vacation and we laughed remebering memeories of the past.

Just being up there reminds me of all the childhood adventures i experienced, and almost brings me back in time. Since all of us kids have grown up we don't attend a month long vacation anymore.With all the kids leaving you would think that the parents would no longer see the need for a month long vacation, and late nights. But, oh boy do they ever! I hung out with the rents just enjoying there company and friendship for a week.Visiting them was one of the funnest adventures i went on this summer!

We played dominoes- and i kicked butt!

Even when the electricity went out, we played by candle light!

You could tell they had all been friends for years through how they talked to each other. Spending time with them made me excited to have family friends one day, and be all grown up together playing dominoes until 3 in the morning! 

Mr. Brooks and Dad.[[the goofballs]]
Mom and Mrs. Brooks [[The Party Planners!]] 

[[ 30 years and counting ]]

[[ Some of the Kid's. ]]

When leaving the beloved vacation spot I couldn't help but be so thankful for such a wonderful place to house my summer memories. My family has truly been blessed to have such dear friends and joyous memories.

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