Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy National Coffee Day!

As stressed as I am, I'm trying to remember to enjoy the little happiness that come complete with this adventure we call- life. So. Today I am taking the time to blog, and celebrate 'national coffee day'. Not on its own, of course, as a college student- I must do some studying as my celebrating continues. But- none the less. I am sipping a yummy Autumn Spice Latte from the White heart in little downtown Lynchburg.

I think this is seriously the BEST place to be celebrating today. The hardwoodfloors, (that creek) antique looking furniture, wooden bookshelves, and custom chalkboards make this prime coffee day enviorment for coffee lovers, like myself. Simply sitting at a table forces one to look around, and grasp the little details making the white heart worth visiting, and revisiting. The complete coffee ambiance is created and held within the walls of this place. 

As I sit enthralled with my delicious coconut muffin and autumn spice latte- I decided my favorite accessory that the white heart has. Hanging on the wall above one of the fireplaces is a picture of JRR Tolkien this is my favorite partly because I am a lord of the rings fan- i know, i know, but- it runs in my family- and partly because of the memories the picture has attached to it. 

My dad read LOTR when he was a teenager, and passed the epic story down to my siblings and I though reading each novel to us.  I remember gathering together in my older brother, Chander's room sitting and anxiously awaiting what predicament the small Hobbit and his pal Sam would find themselves in that night! Since I was rather young it was not often I listened into these stories. Give me a break, I could bearly understand Amelia Bedila let alone the concepts of Mortar, Hobbit, Elfs, wars, Orks and so on. The picture framed above this fireplace hanging in front of my eyes- is the same one that was on the back cover of the LOTR books my dad used when reading to us! 

 I remember that picture scared me. Seeing an older man, with a pipe, laughing at something in the distance- I'm not sure what it was- but his profile was forever and still is imprinted in my mind. I stopped listening to my dad read after I saw that picture. I do wish I wouldn't have now, but fear can control children easier then adults I guess. 

Anyways-Enjoy this national coffee day! If you are in Lynchburg, you still have time! Get to the whiteheart! I may still be here! :]. If you're not in the Burg. Go to one of your favorite places, get your favorite drink, and do one of your favorite things. Oh! Or bring some of your favorite people! (my boyfriends on the wayyyy! :]- He's one of my favorites.) 

Coffee is about savoring the flavor, and making sure the drink is just right. Well- Get the moment just right, and savor it. Enjoy today to the last drop. 

Happy to be back! 


  1. I just told the owner of the coffee shop i'm in that today is national coffee day. She can't believe she didn't know! What a great day.I'm going to buy more coffee right now.

  2. I made my own latte and sipped from the thermos all day while I met people. Did not know about national day though..Haley poohs--you're quite the blogger!