Friday, October 1, 2010

Totally New.

So. Ever since I have started this whole 'blog idea' I have never been happy about the layout, colors, and everything else. I am such a little detailed person, that I wanted my whole blog to reflect- me. After all- it is called 'A moment with Hales.' :]

Recently I have been developing the interest in design, colors, layouts, and other ideas. I've started relgiously following MadeByGirl, and love all her design ideas, and typefaces. I've been dying to try some new things out, but not having the time.

Well- for my VCAR class, we have been assigned to design a blog. I'm so excited because I now can take the opportunity for a class assignments to create something that I WANT to create, and will benefit me in real life! :]

[What!?!? School applying to real life?!? What?!?!] :]

So: I am going to be blogging about this little 'totally new makeover' I'm about to have!

I've started working on the blogger header- Tell me what you think!
Which one is most like 'Hales'?

I forgot how much fun InDesign can be when your not restricted to a certain layout!

Stay Tuned for little details, and the finish product by next Thursday!

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