Friday, January 28, 2011

life is exspensive... and so are pretty things.

"The most wonderful things in life are free." Everyone has heard that somewhere haven't they? Now, don't pin me as some materialistic terrible person, but- REALLY? After trying to pay my bills and live over the past year, I've learned- some wonderful, wonderful things in life are most certainly expensive.

For instance...heat.

But don't worry I'm not going to bore you with my woes and hate of taxes and bills. [but who doesn't hate them?] Instead I will dazzle you [hopefully] with Coach, Tiffany & Co, and maybe some things us regular people can offered.

First: COACH.

 Please look at these ADORABLE new Spring Trench Coats below. Um, they are to die for. [also remind me to post my new spring coat next time....]


I'm not sure who created the new poppy design, but I'm in LOVE with this collection.

Only $198.00 [I'm not lying. I would save for a few months for that purse]

Second: Tiffany & Co. 

Perfect for valentines day right?

 Third: my personal shoe favorite: Nine West.

Love this little booties.
Different... but I really like them.
Lastly: Forever21 .

If I could just borrow a soapbox real quick and [insert my opinion here] - which, I totally can cause this is my blog.... I would like to say:

Finally reaching the age of 21, I found myself weirdly excited to shop at this store. Forever 21 had told me since my teen years that being 21 was the prime year of of a young girls life- people want to be my age forever. .. right? There is no store that says 'Forever 30.' [Who wants to be 30? That wouldn't even make a good movie, let alone store.

Anyway- bottom line, I was excited to be 21, and shop at forever 21.

Sadly, all bubbles must burst, and to my dismay my 21 year old, not overweight body, would not properly fit into an extra large. 

I'm not sure what message forever 21 is trying to send- but right now I'm getting the whole 'I'm 14 and I can't wait to be 21 so I'll shop here now so I feel older, when in fact, I am way to young to be wearing these semi-slutty clothes' vibe. 

Sorry to disappoint any teen girls out there, but listen- those clothes won't fit you when you finally reach the age the store teaches you will always want to be. Don't be too disappointed or think your too big, cause your not. Really, retailers are just sometimes stupid, and can't measure or factor in waste sizes, hips and breasts which normal 21 year old women have, and should be proud of.

All that to say, I think I found a dress that would fit me:

I need more color in my life.
Well- I think I vented out all my expensive frustration. Hope you enjoyed this moment with me, Hales. 

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  1. I'm loving that dress right now ahh I want it! And STOP it you are not overweight I have news for you their clothes are made for small children. And I completely agree with forever 21, I'm not there yet but I'm thinking Ill like to stay 21 forever.