Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspiration = 0

Hi blogger Friends. [If I even have any left]

Sorry its been so long! Not blogging I think has more effect on me then you! Unfortunately I have lost my inspiration for words and decor and art and crafting and all my creativity. The very small amount I have left is forced out of me during my creating campaigns, slogans and PR plans for class. So, I am taking a blogging break. [as if you hadn't noticed] I've found many things I would like to blog about but I cannot find any extra words in my head to produce anything worth reading. I do promise to be back this summer with the goal to write 5 times a week. [i know, i know, but that's something i really want to if not 5...twice a week] I am excited to share the things I have found and I am currently working on a very fun, creative list slash scrapbook. So, I will be reveling all of that... this summer. Which starts in June.

Until then I will be doing things like finishing school, VA beach, having fun, drinking coffee...wayyyy to much coffee, getting out of Lynchburg, and hopefully traveling with my grandma.

Until June,


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