Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Sorry.

This week I have been tossing around the idea of forgiveness in my mind.
Forgiveness is interesting because it is so different in various situations. I was wondering what the 'better end of the deal is.' Is it better to be the one needing to get forgiveness, or the one asking for it?

I do not think there is a better side; when forgiveness is necessary, somebody was hurt.

With starting my job, I have learned alot about forgiveness among children. There is much 'saying sorry' and 'accepting an apology' going on. The funny part is, it is CONSTANTLY happening. The girls forgive each other and MOVE ON with the day. They genuinely forgive... they just go back to playing as if nothing ever happened. (I think in that is a major life lesson)

How often do we honestly 'accept an apology'? How many grudges do we hang on to? How much hurt do we allow to scar our hearts and lives? How much unnecessary baggage do we hang on to that’s haunting us?

Bottom line: We are ALL human, we will all make mistakes and we will all hurt somebody, somewhere, sometime. 

I know I have hurt people, deeply and I know I have been hurt; we all have been on both sides of this equation.

I think repentance within forgiveness is an aspect that is easily forgotten. We train kids to say sorry, but not that weaved in and out of forgiveness is the need to repent.  Through Christ, I have the freedom to live in grace and forgiveness…. But when hearing that I think…. really? I see a pattern of wrongs in my life; I'm not so sure I am truly repenting when I ask for forgiveness. Why? Well, because asking for forgiveness is much easier then repenting for my wrongs. So, then can I truly forgive and ask to be forgiven??

I've been convicted of needing to give forgiveness and ask for forgiveness. This search for forgiveness in love, grace and mercy creates a freedom that only the Lord can give and that my friend is a very happy ending!

Reaching a place of true repentance means you've reached a place where you can truly forgive. 

While mistakes happen, to everybody, I need to cling to the perfect forgiveness that Christ can give to such an imperfect and wretched person, like myself. 

I also think it is imperative for life, to grant forgiveness to yourself. This may be the most difficult aspect of forgiveness for me. We do not need to hang on to the guilt, remorse, regret and baggage in our lives. That will destroy us and rob us of truly living life. 

Yes, I may have made really terrible mistakes.

And yes, I will reap the consequences for my mistakes.

My personal value is not in the mistakes I have made, but how I respond when mistakes happen. 

My value comes from what someone else did, someone much more powerful then me. He is my worth. In him is my value.

It is my job to do my best to refrain from sinning. But then, responding in repentance to others and myself when mistakes happen.

Living in a lifestyle of forgiveness creates a truly significant, fulfilling and beautiful life.

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