Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warning: This post is full of summer secrets. Enjoy!

 I am about 5 days away from crossing my summer finish line. My summer has been a challenge and something I needed to really experience, to say the least. As these months flew by I had alot of stuff to deal with, as you know if you have read through in my last couple of posts. I think I stopped blogging so much because I had much reflection to do and honestly, nothing to write, I was completely blank.

I am happy to say, now nearing the end of my precious summer months, I think I am ready to head back to school. I'm ready to finish up my Senior year with a BANG! :]

But, as I begin this last journey of school, I will bring with me some lessons I have learned. I think they are lessons every person should at least consider... So here!! Consider! (I even added pictures because that makes everything funner! Yeah, I said funner!)

1. Country music does not suck... and 90's rock does not suck either!

I think this little lady changed my mind about Country music.

But they also had a little something to do with it as well:
If I die young- The Band Perry
Dirt Road Anthem - Aldean Jason
Just another picture to burn - Taylor Swift
Remind Me- Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley

2. Eating healthy food is actually really good for you. Last semester, I literally lived on Goldfish crackers [only the flavor blasted, of course] and progresso soup. But I learned this summer that cherries and blueberries are actually yummy. ...Like, really delicious. And eating healthy is not that expensive.

3. Sometimes mascara and blush is all you need. Natural is so much prettier then orange skin.

4. A guilty pleasure TV show is good for you! Now, some people may say 'That is a waste of time!' And if you would have asked me 5 months ago, I would have been one of those. But now, well, now I see reality TV as a comfort that I am not the craziest person in the world. Actually, comparing myself to reality TV, I am quite normal. Don't know which one to watch? Here's a list to help you!

  1. Keeping up with the Kardashians. I learned that one sister is enough and that people can become minsters via the internet. 
  2. The Bachelorette or the Bachelor. Now, there is this whole big debate I hear from Christian circles saying, "That show is degrading to men and women! That is teaching bad relationships and bad relationship habits!" And I say, "If someone is honestly looking to the Bachelorette for any type of relationship help or view it as a good way to meet people... Well, then you might deserve that reality TV show kind of relationship." Really, just chill and watch it or don't. Learn to enjoy the stupid things in life and laugh.
  3. My Strange Addictions. The season finale was a women eating her husband's ashes.... Doesn't that make you wonder how they will top next years?!?!
  4. Super Nanny. She seriously ROCKS. I wish I could be her intern.
  5. Extreme Home Makeover. You'll leave feeling good. Like you were helping the family in need by watching an episode. Watch it. But have some tissues near by.
  6. Toddlers and Tiaras. You'll be thankful for the annoying parents and bratty children in your life. Because they could never be as terrible as the ones on the show.  Well, unless you're one of them, and if you are... sorry, you're terrible. 
5. Cooking meat is not as hard as I thought it was. I made hamburger helper, chicken and tacos this summer! 

6. The iphone is as incredible as everyone says it is. (I no longer have to google words when I am texting... spell check is right on it!)

7. Going out to eat, to the beach, to the movies, to get ice cream and shopping is totally, 100% okay to do ALONE. Seriously. DO IT! If you are nervous, bring a book!  And since you won't really read it, bring any book... you can look super smart and sophisticated if you bring the right one. [I may or may not have brought an encyclopedia with me once.]

8. It is okay to go on dates for the free food.

9. And it is also okay to have your roommate call you and pretend her car broke down so you can leave the date.

10. And it is NOT okay to get fist pumped on a first date, especially twice.

11. I learned that my car is old, and needs alot of help. And I learned it feels pretty awesome to be able to pay in cash for car repairs... but that might have been a one time deal.

12. I learned God is too good to me. And I don't deserve anything from him. I also learned forgiveness and grace is an incredible feeling.

13. I learned that sunglasses are supposed to be too big for your face... really, it is okay the Kardashians say so! SEE!

14. I learned to embrace when your exhaust pipe has a hole in it...Even if you get a headache from driving your car. Turn the music up!

15. I learned it is funny the high school friends you keep up with. Because, seriously Jason Jung, who would have thought we would hang out like 5 times this summer?? Honestly, I never thought I would see you after graduation....Thanks for the dinners!

16. 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation ROCK. Watch them. If you haven't already. WATCH THEM!

17. Netflix is not as cool as I thought it was.

18. Tina Fey's book 'Bossypants' was one of the funnest things i ever read.

19.  Uptown Girls is ALWAYS on TV.

20. I learned it is okay to use wrinkle cream at 22. Anyone who says 'That's stupid' is just mad they didn't think to do it before you did.

21. I am funny. I really am.

22. Sometimes drinking out of a fancy glass and lighting candles while eating pizza is a MUST. Everyone deserves to feel fancy... light those candles and order that pizza!

23. I learned don't pay for a crappy cup of coffee, ask for a better one.

24. Paying $35 for a haircut is a great investment. [And so is getting your eyebrows waxed]

25. I learned the dollar store has some nice things.... I know, I know, but you should really check it out every now and then.

26. Everyone should have some sort of cabin in the woods.

27. I learned to say 'Hello' and smile at random people. I learned this from a man who was always, always at the pier with his dog, on the same bench every day. He was missing a leg and his dog was missing an eye. And it never failed, I saw him every day... morning, evening, whenever. And he always said 'Beautiful Day!' Rain or shine... But, I guess every day should be considered beautiful.

28. I learned, don't curse people out over the phone while in public... because no matter the situation, you look like the curse words you're saying.

29. Grand Haven rocks.

30. Anything that can be categorized as a 'Summer Comedy' Sucks. Such as: Horrible Bosses, Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits. Please, can I have my money back?

31. Bridesmaids...Did you see it? Cause, if you didn't you missed out. Rent it... NOW! 

32. Bedtimes are overrated... just drink alot of coffee in the morning.

33. Aziz Ansari is hilarious.

34. I learned the Radio kills songs.... But, as overplayed as it is, this is my theme song.

35. Britney Spears has still got it!

36. This was my summer jam.

37. It is okay to carry around your iphone and let it play Pandora all the time to make your life feel more like a movie. Don't worry, you're so allowed to do that

38. Kayaking is not just for granola eating, bike riding, outdoor individuals.

39. I learned if you don't like your haircut, go back to the salon and have them fix it!

40. I learned who Bon Iver is. [Thank you E]

41. I learned your best friends will be content watching stupid TV and drinking lemonade outside with you on a Friday night.

42. I learned you can replace vegetable oil in cup cake mix with apple sauce to make it less fattening. But, I say, if you're making cupcakes, make them as fattening as possible!

43. I learned 2 bowels of ice cream a day keeps the blues away!

44. I remembered slashed learned I need to journal every day. EVERY day.

45. I learned belly shirts are coming back in, Yeah, I've embraced it.

46. I learned old jeans make wonderful daisy dukes.

47. I learned how to change my oil.

Well, if you made it to the end of my list, YAY! I am proud of you! Thanks for caring that much about my life and what I learn.

I am now heading to bed and hopefully, living these last summer days to the fullest.


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