Friday, September 9, 2011

Moments at Starbucks.

This summer I was reading the book, Onward, by Howard Schultz, the founder of the Starbucks Co.  The book was eye-opening! I loved reading it and felt like I gained much knowledge for the industry I hope to soon submerge myself in.

His writing was intriguing. The way he can effectively articulate and communicate ideas is astounding. How he painted a picture of the Starbucks journey throughout the pages made me care about Starbucks. This book convinced me to support and believe in the Starbucks mission. But, the aspect that shocked me the most, did not come from the book. It came from the four-year-old girl I nannied, Abbi.

When I pulled out the book for the first time she said, "That picture isn't for books, that picture is supposed to be on coffee." 

Brilliant. Starbucks has four year old children acknowledging the brand and recognizing what is is for.

So, Starbucks. Yes, I love it. Yes, I always have.

Yes, I grew up with a father who makes his own lattes and
truly introduced me to the coffee culture. And he does go
hiking in the dead of winter, but not without his coffee.

And yeah, my brother advertises the tumbler wherever he is and buys them for Christmas gifts. In the picture above he is in Israel, with a Mich shirt on, and 'has his tumbler.' He is complete. 

Yes, I am THAT girl. I walk into the Starbucks, whether I am in Michigan, at the Muskegon Starbucks or here in Lynchburg on the Wards Starbucks, and I am instantly happy. Everything is more fun and productive with some Starbucks in your hands. I search for Starbucks in airports and even if I am late, have time to stop by to get a latte.

See how happy I am?

The one aspect to Starbucks that I love the most, is all the memories I have there.

Just to name a few: 

  1.  The numerous triumphs I had over my papers, homework, and projects! 
  2. The many daddy daughter talk.
  3. The greeting of new friends and running into old friends.
  4. The moments of inspiration as I worked on graphics ideas.
  5. Even driving through I have Starbucks memories! Like, in Highschool, homecoming week, my girl friends and I drove through and I ended up spilling my pepperment white mocha all over everything!
  6. 6. Tuesday nights, when work would close, Liz and I would escape to our Starbucks haven.
  7. 7. The dates. Ohhhhh, the dates at Starbucks! If I had a dollar...
  8. 8. The 24 Starbucks in Chicago, heading back after Christmas break, but stopping there with my brother first before getting to the airport.
  9. 9. Bringing the girls I nanny for there. They would get whipped cream and I would get my Iced Coffee.
  10. On endlessly long road trips I hunt for Starbucks logos. The feeling of energy I receive when seeing there is one at the next exit...I get one more gulp of hope as I continue on the journey.
Well, I could continue to go on and on and on, about how much I support and love this company. And how much I admire Howard Schultz and his ethics. But, I won't. (I think I have an idea for a new post though!)

Happy Friday! What are your Starbucks memories? Start your weekend right and pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte today!

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  1. haha i love that you committed a whole post to Starbucks because it is totally you and you love it. I heard that book is so good! Ill have to check it out. Whatever starbucks did, they did it right and keep me wanting more regardless of the ridiculous prices.