Monday, October 24, 2011

No time to write!

This weekend was a BLAST! Friday night was a quadruple dinner date with a movie to follow! And then the flea market on Saturday morning! I am starting to LOVE the flea market, but every time I go it makes me want a house! There was an antique sewing machine and ceder chest there this Saturday and I wanted to pick them up SO BADLY.... but, I have no where to put them. *Sigh....

This Saturday I bought a spoon ring (which I have been looking for since I was at least 17!)  and some mason jars! (The mason jars should be featured soon!) The ring is pictured below along with this awesome fall nail polish I found a Wal-Mart for $1.50!

My boyfriend and I doubled with my roommate and her boyfriend to the flea market and also shot some guns! Check us out! Then on Sunday I COOKED DINNER. Chicken Alfredo. That was a proud moment.

I hope you had a great weekend! My Monday has been super productive... and that makes me happy! What did you buy this weekend?


  1. ok i have to find out from your blog you have a bf! problem. but you guys are cute :) love the spoon ring i almost bought one at a flea market too this wknd! Super cute color polish.very fall.

  2. Emily! Yes, I do have a bf. [YAY!]. It's still really new. :]. What Flea market do you go to?!