Friday, December 16, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah.. South and North

As everything is finishing up for the semester, I have found myself reflecting on the idea of finishing. This is my fourth Christmas here, in Lynchburg Virginia. I assumed moving down here in 2008 this would be my last one, actually I thought I would have been out of here by now [that's for sure], but here I am, still here.

Many of my college friends and colleagues graduated this semester. Those friends who suffered through COMS 489, created campaigns with me, brainstormed and bounced ideas of each other, compared and contrasted each other projects, many of them are now gone. I'm happy for them, like I am happy for myself.. finishing up college with an Undergraduate degree, not only feels great, but is a wonderful accomplishment!! [Yay us! And everyone else with degrees!]  I'm proud of myself and so proud of my fellow classmates! [Who I hope to run into often in the PR world].

The point of all this rambling...[I think] is things end. Seasons fade. Time transitions. Life is different. It is so weird to think, although I have been here for four Christmas breaks, each one of them has looked different, felt different and has been an entirely different experience. It's just strange to me. And the even stranger thing is that time will only continue to make life more different. Life will begin to look, feel, and be entirely different.

I think part of it might be 'growing up' and part of it might be I am maturing [a little] and part of it might be I gain more and more responsibility each year...but I know part of it, well, a lot of it is change. That is the one guarantee in life isn't it? Change. I think I am only getting used to it though, because I know it happens so frequently- I need to enjoy the moment and time I have, because it will change. So, for me this means, I need to hurry up and enjoy. Sometimes, I don't enjoy enough! I analyze, think, reflect, re-analyze, double check, over-analyze, question, wonder, ponder, think some more, and then before I know it I missed out on enjoying! I was far too busy wondering about the what if's and details that I forgot to enjoy the moment! [Seriously, this happens.]

 Blah, blah, blah... All I'm trying to say is- Enjoy this season.

I am writing this post mostly for myself,  because here I sit, in Virginia, in 60 degree weather, so mad I don't have snow. But how many Michigan winters did I wine and complain about the snow? Instead of spending my time complaining, I should have ran outside and made a freaking huge snow man while loving every second of it.That's just one example. Here's another one:

For the past three years, I complained about the South and small towns and how much I hated them. [Please take note of this: I still LOVE the North and fully intend on moving back. I am not a southerner or southern bell in anyway, shape, or form. I am NOT a Northern girl turning Southern. Got it?] But, the other day I was running super low on gas [college student] and I could only muster about $2.00 in change to put in my gas tank. [college've all been there]. I went to pre-pay for my little bit of gas to get myself home and eat my Ramon noodles [college student] and there was line... of course I stood there with my hands on my hips, semi-rolling my eyes, clearly irritated that this was taking forever. [In the north people are so much more efficient.. I was thinking in my mind] When it was finally my turn to pay I gave the cashier my $2.00 in change.

"Is this all you got to put in your tank? Are you outta money?" He asked in a very thick and southern accent. Clearly embarrassed that he would announce to the entire store/world I was only buying $2.00 of gas I answered, "Yep, I'm a college student. I just have to drive to my house." Without any hesitation he told me he would add a $1.00 to my gas tank to make sure I would get home.

I know, a dollar isn't much, [college student] but the cashier didn't have to do that. I was pleasantly surprised and thanked him. He seriously made my day.

I think once I move away, I'll miss little things like that from good ole Lynchburg, VA. I'll miss people chatting in the middle of the grocery isle blocking the way for everyone else. I'll miss people asking me how I'm doing and then telling my about their sick niece while we are waiting in line. I'll miss people chatting in the drive through holding up the line making me late for wherever I am going. I will miss seeing people in old pick up trucks without shirts on, wearing overalls, with massive beards smoking a ginormous cigar... wait. I don't think I'll miss that one.

So, again, blah, blah, blah, all this too say here's to me- Enjoying. Enjoying this Christmas season, without snow, with snow, in the North, in the South, with gas, without gas.. no matter what it may bring, I will enjoy. 

Enjoy this Christmas season, enjoy this phase of life you are in. No matter what age, hardship you are in, frustration you are facing, or happiness that has knocked on your door- Enjoy. Because, most likely next years Christmas will look entirely different.

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