Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Crafts: Make something outta nothing

Crafting is an outlet for me to unwind, relieve stress and relax at the end of a long week! I think I get a little craftier near Christmas because that's when I am stressed and also have a variety of things to craft! I picked up a bunch of random things over a week and sat down to see what I could do with them. (For some reason, I love doing that. Getting a whole bunch of cheap odds and ends.. and making something new out of them!) I had ribbon, ornaments, mason jars, other jars, card stock, stamps, paper and...TA DA!
I got the ornaments from Ollie's. Four ornaments came in a pack for .29. The Candle was from the Dollar Tree... they were four for a $1.00. The mason jar I got a the flea market for a $1.00. The front jar was a candle but I washed it out. The back right jar has been sitting around my apartment and was once filled with gumballs. I think all together these three pieces cost me: $2.12 total. 
The ornaments are from Ollie's and the mason jar is from the Flea Market! This one cost me: $1.58.
This looks prettier then it appears in the picture, I promise. Same .29 ornaments and the vase is from Micheal's. It was marked down to $1.75 and I I received it 25% off. This piece cost me: $1.60.
Looking at it here, I think I'm going to add a few candy canes in there!

These are my Christmas cards! Maybe you will be getting one in the mail! Want to know a secret about me? I've been making Christmas cards for the past 2 years.. I just never send them out! I bought the Christmas stamps two summers ago.. I finally used them! The ribbon and plaid paper is SO old. And the Christmas trees on them were from cards two years ago. I bought a really ugly, 8 pack of cards for $1.00 and just covered them with cute paper!
A couple favorites.
Here here are the envelopes... they are all a little different.
I also did a little Christmas experiment in the kitchen before I left for Thanksgiving break! I had a few Oreo's in my cupboard, white chocolate, and candy canes. So, I made white chocolate covered Oreo's sprinkled with crushed up Candy Canes. And they were pretty DANG good, even if I do say so myself!

And I wanted to stick this picture in here because my mom took me on a pre-Christmas shopping trip to this awesome store called, Simply The Best in Rochester, Michigan! Everything (well, just about) was $10.00 or less! This store was covered from front to back, with jewelery, sunglasses, clutches, scarfs and MORE. The black Friday sale was buy three scarfs get one free! And you better believe we took them up on their offer! My wonderful mother and myself are pictured here showing off our awesome new scarfs!

Happy Tuesday! Go make something!!

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