Thursday, January 19, 2012

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I have been reading some articles, watching videos, and as a result some thoughts have been floating around my brain. Some of the content I viewed became decently thought provoking for me. I was compelled to share all this information with you and also wanted to put it all in one place. I hope some of these things get your mind floating everywhere as well! 

*Disclaimer: Just because I post something, does not mean I totally 100% support it or that I am 100% against it. If you want to converse about it, let me know.

1. There is a Facebook App that allows people to set their last status, ever. I think creepy.. Would you want your last words to be on Facebook? I'm not sure. Read about it here.

2. And of course... I'm sorta sick of him now. 

3. Found this on my friends Facebook.. "Why I don't believe in Christian Accountability."

4. I wasn't too sure what SPOA was and ect. Here's a little summery of the whole issue. I found it helpful.

5. It comes out soon..... :]

6. Mark Driscoll interview entitled 'Just Grow Up.' Most thought provoking part for me:
You’ve talked a lot about twenty-somethings today living in a sort of extended adolescence. Why do you think that is?
I think, in particular, it’s young men. Perhaps to some degree it is young women as well, but we’re finding more women are getting better grades, more women are graduating high school, more women are graduating college, more women are buying homes, more women are doing things that are more adult and responsible. We’ve created this. It’s a sociological category. It used to be you go from “boy” to “man,” and now you go from “boy” to “guy” to “man.”

It’s just extended adolescence, where 20s, 30s, sometimes even in his 40s, he doesn’t really want to get married, doesn’t really want to have kids, doesn’t really want to pursue a career. He has a lot of hobbies, got a lot of buddies, watches a lot of porn, gambles, has a lot of fun, maybe plays in some band or is in a guild of World of Warcraft, or something ridiculous like that. And they’ve even got little [mottos] like, “It’s all good” and, “Bros before hos.” It’s just this whole adolescent, juvenile culture. .... and I think part of the problem is, as well, that the Church in large part has accommodated that.

Those guys tend not to go to church. If those guys do show up at church, it’s usually just to find a couple of gals to break the commandments with. And the Church doesn’t really know what to do with them, so the least likely person in America to go to church is a guy in his 20s who is single. Without knowing what to do with those guys, they commit crimes, they get women pregnant, they’re a drain on social services, they don’t raise their kids, they don’t contribute to church, they’re not getting ready to lead the next generation. I’d say it’s nothing short of a crisis, it’s a real problem.

While Driscoll was hounding on the men, I was left with the question, and what are women supposed to do?

7. Gay Rights.

8. I very much enjoyed this article "Women, stop submitting to men." Is there such a thing such as Godly or Biblical feminism?

9. Mark Driscoll and his wife wrote a book on marriage. One review is here.  [Also, Driscoll is speaking at Liberty this Spring. Insert [Eeeeeeeeek] here. I hope he talks about the previous article posted.]

10. A company used the new Facebook Timeline to create an Anti-Drug campaign.

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