Thursday, June 3, 2010

1 Hour.

I have one hour left at work. One hour then I will be free to lay out by my pool. Watch a movie. Take a nap. Paint my nails. Watch Gilmore Girls. Talk on the Phone. Go shopping. Decorate my house. Read a book. Paint a picture. Make some brownies. And the List goes on!

One hour.

One sweet hour.

What should I do to make time go by more quickly. Is that the right grammar? I don't think it is- I think it would be "what can I do to make the time go by quicker- or maybe faster?' Either way I mean the same thing. What can I do that will occupy my mind to make the time fly? I am going to list everything I love with the letters of the Alphabet. That's what I am going to do. That should take some time.
Alice- I would totally be her friend and chase the white rabbit. No lie.
Brownies- i like making them and eating the badder. I think I may do that when I get home.
Cinderella- who doesn't like the idea of having all your dreams come true?
Daises- i love flowers.

okay. this is boring. I think I am going to budget my bank account.

29 Minutes left.   

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  1. You were SO close to... "Emilee- the wonderful girl that I eat lunch with in my break room."