Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back.

Hi Blogger World!

It is certainly very nice to be back. I have missed my writing, sharing and reading over the past couple of months. So, much has happened in my life this past semester! All exciting, life altering and a little overwhelming at some points, hence, the blogging break. [I even deleted my facebook!...That was life altering.] But, here I am. Back and ready to write!

I have missed blogging so much I  started a list in my email about blogging topics! I should not run out of blogging material for a LONG while. 

One major event that happened this semester was, my birthday! I turned 22 and can I tell you the reactions I have received?

'Boy, you are old.' - Some freshman I work with who thinks we are friends and that they hold the right to comment on my age.

'You're turning 22 and you are still in undergrad.' -College kids at the gym

'Really, cause I  thought you were  turning 20?' -Daddy

'Wow, you're 22! 22! That's SO old. Like, 21, you can still be a kid, you're only 21! But, 22. You're basically an adult.' -Both roommates comments wrapped into one

My birthday was pretty rockin'[Look Below] ...almost as good as 21. :]

Oh, my response to birthday comments? I just kept telling people I look good for my age.

Nose Pierce!

 As if you couldn't tell, my birthday was great. 

It is now summer and that means it's time to go home and face the music. I've been having a wonderful time being re-acquainted with my little home town, Spring Lake Michigan. I've fallen in love with Grand Rapids, again, along with Lake Michigan. Needless to say, I'm glad to be back in the Mitten. On the drive home, when I crossed that state line into 'Pure Michigan' I screamed for about 10 minutes. 

What have I done since I got home, you ask? Thanks for asking! Well, I left again and drove to Kentucky to visit my, sweet, encouraging, awesome, wise, hilarious and stylish Grandma! [Check below, you can totally tell she is all of those things]. We went to dinners, a winery, shopping (almost every day) movies and watch stupid TV shows, like, the Bachelorette

I am trying to convince my grandma to be the NEXT Bachelorette, but she insists I should do it.

Have you been watching this season?
I was SO EXCITED TO eat that! :]
We went to the Newport Aquarium.

Now I know what you have to be thinking, 'Haley, you drove SO much the past 2 weeks!' And you have that right reader, I have traveled a total of 1,766 miles in 2 weeks. I am proud to call myself a Midwest Traveler! Since, I am such an experienced traveler, allow me to introduce my traveling 'buddies'. [Look below.*I may, or may not have taken these pictures while driving.]

My Hula Monkey. It's a BOY.
My Sun Glasses.
Light iced, upside down, nonfat, Carmel macchiato and GPS. I could NOT have made it through without them.
*NOTE: This semi is not a 'buddy' in anyway. I took this picture to represent , all terrible drivers I encountered on the highway, all drivers in Virgina, and anything else that tried to get in the way of my wonderful journey. 

While driving through the country, I think I found the most popular hits on the radio stations. I heard these songs a MILLION times:

  1. Katy Perry - ET
  2. Kesha - Blow
  3. Adele - Rolling in the Deep
  4. Maroon 5- Never Gonna Leave This Bed

So, Why Audacious? Reader, thank you for asking so many questions, your intuitive nature is really motivating my writing. You're awesome. 'A moment with Hales', I think, was a deceitful title. This blog did not have 'Hales moments.' Frankly, I was just writing for the sake to write. I used topics like, design, sometimes fashion, crafts, and interior design, while I like all those things, that's not what I want to blog about. I want to blog about topics that pertain to me, now. If that happens to be something political, a new TV show, something religious, my life, music, or Starbucks, I'll write about it.

This blog is my place to write, misspell, have run on sentences, express, share, fill people in, and be AUDACIOUS. Audacious means :extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer. [Thanks]. And that's what I want this blog to be. Opinionated, Expressive, Informative, and Bold. 

I'm excited to dive in, be brave, bold, curious, opinionated and expressive. 

You are also excited? Thank you reader, of course you agree with me.  


  1. Welcome back!! I was wondering if you would ever return to the blogosphere! Missed ya! looks like you had a fun birthday and im lovin those sunglasses!

  2. Look at you Miss Audacious!!! I am proud of you and so happy you are doing well, sorry about your computer things though. :[[[[ That SUCKS! I love you!!