Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Michigan. That's all I need.

Moving to Virgina was an interesting experience for me. I really learned how ignorant people are when it comes to the north in general and specifically, Michigan.

Some reactions after telling people I'm from Michigan:
  1. The assumption I grew up in the ghetto. After saying I'm from Michigan people get that look on their face like 'I think this girl could kick my butt because she grew up selling drugs on the street while rapping with eminem.' So, then they sympathetically say something like "Oh, Michigan. Too bad what's happening up there." My response, "Well, Detroit is not all that's up there. There is an entire state." 
  2. My FAVORITE reaction is when people say "Oh my gosh! Michigan! How do you deal with all that snow! Isn't it like always winter? Are you going back for the summer? Do you own shorts?!" Depending on my mood I sarcastically inform them that Michigan is not the north pole and the sun shines up there too... or I will say "Yeah, it's always cold, I wear a parka home."
  3. One time I made up a story about how the Great Lakes freeze over and we all drive our cars on them. Judging by how cool everyone said that was, I've told that story a couple of times.
  4. Everyone comments about the Great Lakes. Michiganders know how wonderfully, amazing these bodies of water are... but most people do not understand how big they are. So many people make fun of their size. [I get greatly offended] I just remind them you can see the Great Lakes from SPACE....they have to be pretty big? Right?  Those overly trendy and way to laid back West Coast people refuse to think a Great Lake could be anything compared to the ocean. Sigh.
  5. "You're from Michigan? Can you swim in the Great Lakes? Oh wait, it's like winter all the time there right? So, they are probably always frozen over."
  6. "You're from Michigan... where is that?" [I'm not kidding.] I said, Michigan is the state that looks like a hand. It is hard to miss on a map.
Once I learned about the Pure Michigan campaign, I was thrilled to show off these advertisements and prove to all the ignorant people that Michigan was amazing!

"The Pure Michigan campaign is designed to introduce to the nation the attributes that make Michigan such a popular and unique destination," said George Zimmermann,Vice President of Travel Michigan, a business unit of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

And I think it does just that.

This is for those who assume Michigan can not have beaches.
This is for those who think fall is prettier in the mountains.
This is for those who really think Michigan is all snow.
This is for those who think Michigan is full of empty cities and boarded up houses.
This is for those who think the ocean water could be superior to our Great Lakes.

Studying advertising at Liberty, I have found a great appreciation for these commercials and the advertising team behind these genius ads.

This campaign won the Best State Tourism Advertising (2007), Best State Tourism Television Commercials (2007), and Best State Tourism Radio Campaign (2008).

I could go on and on about how wonderful this campaign is and what a dream it would be to work for them. [Gosh, I think I would pinch myself each day]

Seeing the pride I have in my state made me think of all the other Michiganders out there... Do you also get excited when one of these ads play? What do these ads do for you? They often give me a flash back of an amazing Michigan summer night or a breathtaking Michigan moment. Moving out of the state has given me so much pride for my state.

So many people keep talking about the economy, education and all other Michigan issues.

Although we have state issues, I think we all hold a pride for Michigan in our hearts. Whether it be a city, sports teams, the UP, a job... we all have something to be proud of, Michigan.

I think this ad says it best:

And of course, the Michigan pride was all over the U.S. during the 2011 Superbowl.

As 'bad' as everything is in Michigan right now, I have hope in the Michiganders as people. We love Michigan, we hold pride in  Michigan and no matter what is happening, no one can take that away from us.

Like Chrysler said, 'the blue collar attitude can change the white collar world.' Michiganders know how to work hard and we know what it means to survive. That is why I love this state so much.

Not only is it beautiful, unique and a hidden oasis. Michiganders hold pride in what we have and provide hope for whatever is Michigan's future.

We are Michigan, and that's something to always be proud of.

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