Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello and Goodbye!

Hi Blogger world! I am still here, I am alive, I have just been so very busy this week! Taking a couple days off to go to my cousins wedding put me surprisingly behind. But, it was so worth it!

Michigan was amazing, as to be expected. Seeing my family was even better. I cannot express the joy, contentment, and happiness when I am surrounded by those I love. I really do cherish and love my family, recently it has hit me how blessed I am. My family is truly a gift from the Lord and I am so thankful he put me where I am!

Here are some pictures from some time spent in Michigan and the drive back!

Little Bro! They won their game!
Pumpkin Patch!
Our snacks for the ride up!
The drive on the way back!
Needless to say, I had a GREAT time and I love fall things! Speaking of fall things- It is FRIDAY! And I want to fill you in on what I am doing this weekend! [Drum roll please!]... I am dedicating this ENTIRE weekend to fall... [Thank you Pinterest] From start to finish. Fall activity's- Falltivites!

Starting with some Hot Cider 

Adding some Carmel Apples

If I am feeling brave, some Chocolate covered apples 

Of course, a scary movie! Which one should I see? 

And If I'm feeling really, really brave Pumpkin Bread

Tomorrow I am going to a flea market with my, (drum roll please) boyfriend! And then hiking to the top of a mountain, maybe visiting a winery, making lunch and hopefully hitting up an Apple harvest festival, I have found six that are happening this weekend! I'll have some fun stories to tell and cute pictures to show on Monday!

I hope your weekend is full of fun fall festivities! If you are running out of ideas, I will 'leaf' (get it!) a list of a few things for you to do!

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