Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Christmas Decor

I know I've been absent for some time! Honestly, my brain has been melting the past couple of weeks! I have so much to accomplish before Christmas... I am afraid I've already gotten lost in the Holiday hustle and bustle. So, I am taking some time out of my day... to ensure myself and you, I am not a scrooge, and give out some Christmas decor ideas!

Once upon a time, before there was Pinterest  in a land far away...there was this thing called blogging. I used to spend hours (in a week, not at one time) searching various blogs for craft ideas, decorating tips and fashion sense. Now for all of you who hopped on the Pinterest train, I'm glad you did, but allow me to introduce you to my 'Pinterest' before  Pinterest.... her name is, Jen Ramos, and she has a blog, 'Made By Girl'.

Lately Jen has been blogging about Christmas decoration, gift inspiration and so on. Here's a little preview:

Holiday Dinner Parties Inspiration:

Love the simplicity in this one!
Can't you feel the Christmas?
Modern. Love this one
MadebyGirl Original Post: Inspiration for Holiday Parties

MadebyGirl Shop. She has some GREAT pieces! I cannot wait to get one! Here is one of my personal favorites... When I have a home office, it will be hung...

Are you entertaining this Christmas? I'm excited when that day will come for me! This year I have been coveting a house, more and more each day! Although, I did a little creative decorating in my apartment this year...I'll blog about that sometime soon! The things you can do with mason jars and ribbon!! :] And just for fun... A few of my favorite Holiday decor I found on Pinterest!

Yummy Details.


Love this.
Happy Christmasing to everybody! I'll be back before the end of the week to show you my home made Christmas decor! Enjoy your Monday afternoon! P.S. [In case you were concerned, My brain has not literally been melting, just a figure of speech] .

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