Friday, March 9, 2012

Hopping on the KONY 2012 Train

TheKONY 2012 phenomenon has swept my entire social media profiles.With all the critics and seriously passionate people about this cause, I decided it was time to get informed.

My job consists of sitting at a computer for most of the day and because of this I have developed a new hobby. When I wake up I hop on twitter to see the latest trends, when I get to work I see what's changed or what new topics are hot, then I research! I found the KONY 2012 video right away. Lately I have been following the whole Rush  Limbaugh slut issue, the tragic Ohio school shooting, and the new JC Penny branding. [I love following stories to see what people are saying. That's one aspect to social media I love is seeing the culture's opinion. Many times I end up reading all the comments instead of the articles. Sorry, this is off topic.] ....[I just love social media...]

The danger with accruing facts from the Internet is that they are easily incorrect. I could write some made up facts here and people would think they are true. Listen up my generation, just because it is published does not mean it is correct. Especially if it is a blog with no sources. Just because it seems put together and has some attractive people doing good things with trendy logos, bright colors and they have awesome t-shirts does not mean it is correct. [If you want a good laugh about how people believe things on the Internet without doing any research... click here.]

For a few good reasons I normally like to stay away from sharing my opinion on the Internet. One, I am often wrong. For me to sit here and tell you what I think about everything could be so potentially embarrassing , because I am often incorrect. [I have stated above, just because it is published doesn't mean it is correct-- my blog included] I am also hesitant to share my ideas because they will never go away, once something is on the Internet, it does not disappear.

 SIDE NOTE: I have a reoccurring nightmare that I tweet something negative about a company and then attend an interview with that company and they bring up my tweet! Or worse, I get hired then they see my tweet and I'm known as the company online slanderer! 

I think creating awareness and educating is imperative and I love that the Internet makes things to readily available. [There is so much to learn!] And while I think it is important to support good causes, I think it is just as important to research what critics have to say. Before you buy something off the Internet, don't you see what the customer reviews are? Don't you look to make sure they have a high standing with amazon? You should also do the same with any ministry, non-profit or charity you are giving too and supporting.

So, these articles, videos and sights I am posting do not necessarily support or go against what I think about the KONY 2012 campaign. But, I will say, from a PR standpoint, this video has gone viral in a short amount of time and everyone is talking about it- their marketing team did something right.

These articles are here to inform you about all the different angles and conversations on the KONY 2012 campaign. Enjoy!

The video that started it all.

Invisible Children's You tube Channel
Invisible Children's Website
Invisible Children's Facebook, Twitter, Blog

On Kony 2012 - The first article I read cautioning people

The film maker combats the critic. I'll be honest, this guy didn't impress me so much.

CBS: This was the second video I saw with a member of Invisible Children combating the critics. I was much more impressed with this guy. My PR and marketing friends, check out the stats on the video. These people had a really impressive plan for the video to go viral.

'Kony 2012' Sets the mark as a Fast-Spreading Viral Video- Check out the marketing. Insane.

Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" viral video stirs emotion and controversy 

Invisible Children responds to Kony 2012 video criticism 

Anti-Kony video campaign draws criticism in Uganda

Another interview against criticism 

Invisible Children's financial site  

CNN: Joseph Kony: Brutal warlord who shocked world

 The Telegraph: Joseph Kony 2012: growing outrage in Uganda over film

A personal story 

 Overall, I will say this. The Invisible Children organization is exactly what my generation is looking for. A trendy, modern, good-hearted, non-profit that they can easily support. By clicking and updating my Facebook along with  buying a T-shirt gives me the right to feel like I'm are making a difference. When the reality is, does sharing a video make a difference? I'll leave that question open. Cause, honestly, I'm not sure of the answer. Their marketing and graphics team are clearly impeccable. Like said in one of the interviews, I hope this does not turn into a trendy issue right now and then be forgotten later. These children are clearly in need of help- and despite the criticism; I really hope all this exposure makes a huge difference in long run. 

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